June 20, 2010

Sunday Savings @ Modern Chic Home!

Hobnail Lanterns--I'm so obsessed with these lanterns. I think the turquoise
would be perfect for our new place. At only $15 they're a great pick up!

Numbered Metal Boxes--I think these would be really cute
in a child's room. So much storage!

After last week's post about these fantastic numbered pots, the lovely Julie from Modern Chic Home left a comment offering you all a 10% discount! Use the code VIPGUEST at check out to receive 10% off your order. I've posted a few ways I'd put the discount to good use above!

Hope you had a GREAT weekend and a very happy Father's Day! xx


  1. adore those hobnail lanterns! how perfect for my patio!!

    since its warm pretty much all year in cali, i do all my patio decorating in august/sep when its all on sale :) then i ahve a sangria night when its finally cooled down

  2. Those lanterns are so cute, they look vintage. Love the mix of colors. xo

  3. have you seen the metal Accordion Side Table table from urban outfitters? put "Metal Accordion Side Table" in the search on their website. it's only $60 and a great piece. I used it in a friend's house for the living room.


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