June 19, 2010

The Best of Craigslist D.C

I know I signed off for the weekend but I just couldn't resist posting some seriously amazing deals on craigslist right now in the hopes that one of you DC/NOVA/MD ladies can score yourself a bargain.

1. Chinoiserie Chippendale Chairs, Table AND Armoire-$400 (a complete STEAL--there are 6 chairs!)

If there were room in our apartment for this set, you better believe it would be coming home with me! Please someone snatch this up so I can live vicariously through you! Seriously such an amazing deal.

These are so popular in design right now and this is a fantastic price. I think the pattern is gorgeous too!

3. Kilim Rug-$195 (I would bargain down)

The colors in this rug are amazing. Size is pretty good too 59"x87"

4. Campaign Dresser-$45

A fresh coat of white paint (or green, or black etc) and this campaign dresser will be amazing!

I hope someone can benefit from this post, if I had more space I know I'd definitely be loading up my car! Just goes to show what a great resource Craigslist can be if you're patient and willing to hunt around a little bit.

I'm off to the beach!


  1. Those are lovely! Wish I lived in DC.

  2. Love the dining set...fabulous! What a steal!

  3. auwsh help I feel trouble coming. too many goedies on your side of the ocean. need to visit :)))

  4. Beautiful. I wish I had 100 more hours in every day to spend on blogs like yours. As a recent follower, I'm loving it!


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