March 14, 2010

Island Living Envy

A few weeks back I babysat for an adorable family with two of the cutest little boys. While I was sitting sentinel outside of their bedrooms I picked up a copy of India Hicks' Island Life: Inspirational Interiors from the bookshelf.
When I opened to the first page I squealed with excitment when I saw that India herself had inscribed a note and signed the copy! Apparently the couple had stayed at India's property The Guest House at Hibiscus Hill. Completely jealous right?!
India really has lived a charmed life, daughter of legendary designer David Hicks, granddaughter of the last Viceroy of India, former Ralph Lauren model, bridesmaid to Princess Diana and now island goddess. That's quite a pedigree isn't it? I am completely mesmerized by her and I'm sure you can see why in the following photos...

Images via Domino, Cookie, Daily Imprint, Habitually Chic
I'm adding The Guest House at Hibiscus Hill to my ever growing list of must-see destinations. Fingers crossed!


  1. Wow...isn't that the life we all want to live? I love her office. She definitely has style.

  2. I could make my self very comfortable there! Beautiful!

  3. Me too, me too!!!
    I'm obsessed with her too. I finally made a shell type-tray inspired by the one over her desk and I just bought a large vintage reproduction pond yacht from Old Kings Lane last week like the one you've shown above in front of the bookcase. I adore her style. I must go and get that book!
    I wanted to thank you for your well wishes on our son's big news!!!
    Happy new week to you and I loved this post :)

  4. Gorgeous....I think your envy is contagious!

  5. I love her and love her style! So jealous of the family you babysit for!

  6. Okay - even I squealed when I read that India had inscribed the inside! Marija

  7. IH is so impossibly chic; as are you! surely you will make your rounds at this stunning locale!

    here's to a dream to work hard and save pennies for, in the mean time!



  8. She seems to be so effortlessly stylish and impossibly chic- I'm adding it to my must see list too!

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  10. Just love her style. This really makes me ready for some warm weather!

  11. Oh I read the coolest article about India her! It was in "Cookie" magazine! (Aren't they all gorgeous?... so was the story...)

    Love your blog! I'm a follower now!


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