March 16, 2010

Bugs Under Glass

Bug Under Glass is one of my newest etsy obsessions. I came across the shop while looking for a vintage taxidermy butterfly and definitely hit the jackpot! Bug Under Glass is filled with beautiful butterflies of every color and species. Kevin, the artisan, is an insect researcher and educator. All of his work is built to museum standards and come in sealed archival displays.

I love the way he's styled the photos for his shop:

Some of my favorites are the butterflies on vintage maps. So unique!

Apparently I'm not the only one with a love for butterflies. Here are some images I saved from two of my favorite blogs.

Check out Fallon from A Lovely Being's desk. So many inspiring things:

Kate from the Neo-Traditionalist shared this photo of her bookshelf a while back. As usual, the styling is perfect:

Here are a few more I pulled from my inspiration files:


Do you have any butterflies in your decor? I'd love to see them!


  1. What beautiful little additions! I am going to have to add some of those beauties to my home! Have you read 'The Girl of The Liberlost'? One of my favorite books growing up about a girl that lived in the woods. Anyway, read it, it is charming!

  2. I love these photos. The butterfly on the map is my favorite.

  3. Beautiful post! I am actually bookmarking it as on of my old-time favorites. Love it.

  4. hmmm never knew vintage butterfly taxidermy was such a THING. I like the small burst of color they provide. Especially on the fireplace. But they also give me the willies (just a little bit)

  5. Lindsay, I am so flattered! Thank you for thinking of me :)
    And, I love Bugs Under Glass, too! Fabulous etsy shop.
    XO fallon

  6. funny! i have been craving some butterfly action for my home too!!! great post!

  7. Love those!! Definitely checking that Etsy store. I love Etsy!! xoxo

  8. Headbands and Handbags- I haven't read 'The Girl of The Liberlost' but I will definitely check it out now. Thanks for the tip!

    Casa Bella- I'm flattered you liked the post enough to bookmark it!

    Naomi-I know what you mean, but they've definitely grown on me!

  9. I do! I'll have to send you a pic. I framed three pages from the "Cabinet of Natural Curiosities" book, and they are hanging in my bedroom.

    Love the butterfly on the map-very cool idea.


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