December 17, 2009

Kate Hudson in Harper's Bazaar

The pictures of Kate Hudson in this month's Harper's Bazaar were just too beautiful not to share. I especially love this first one of her all glammed up in the laundromat!

I hope Kate's inspired you to put on something with sparkle!


  1. She is so freaking cute! :) Love the laundry room photo! Happy Holidays!

  2. She does have the most contagious smile. Just like her momma!! Loved the cover shot. She always looks like she is just having the best time ever. oxo

  3. this issue has been on my coffee table for a few weeks now... one more day of exams then I'll have time for pleasure reading!

  4. I can't even handle her she is so cute...the scene of her dancing in that GoGo outfit from her new movie? Ridiculous.


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