September 28, 2010

Window Shopping with Eddie and Jaithan

Eddie Ross and partner Jaithan never fail to amaze me with their artful creations. Their latest project, a window for Carleton Varney, is no exception. I think that if I passed this window on the street I'd have to grab a coffee and stay awhile to take it all in.

That's why I admire Eddie and Jaithan so much, they really are masters of layering. Take this desk for example, doesn't it look like its insanely chic owner just stepped away to pick up a fabric order? 
That's talent.

Here's a closer peek at some of the details.  
P.S I'm now on the hunt for a similar toast rack for my stationery. Obsessed!
And the full window. Sigh...

Visit Eddie and Jaithan to follow the design process from start to finish. You'll be even more impressed!


  1. I love the colors! The wallpaper and the swan toast holder are fantastic.

  2. oh yes! beautiful! and I love anything brass :)

  3. i adore them. I went on the Rose Bowl flea market trip with them two years ago and they are just dolls...with such a great eye!

  4. I would have stopped right next to you with a coffee and taken in the view for a bit. This is really a job well done, with lots of points to draw real inspiration from for any space.

  5. Check eBay for toast racks. I've been using mine for stationery and files for a few years now.


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