September 27, 2010

3PM Snack

It's getting to be about that time where I'm craving an afternoon sugar fix. I think a candy colored assortment of macaroons would do just the trick. Pretty and delicious!


  1. oh yummy! I bought a little box at Laduree over the weekend, so good!

  2. macaroons are my absolute FAVE! unfortunately, none near me in downtown SF... :(

  3. Of course, it's got to be macaroons. I ate two yesterday and enjoy every bite. Go for it.

  4. YUMMO!!!
    would you like some coffee with those macaroons? Come on by we are having a coffee giveaway!!

  5. Mmmm, macaroons are the perfect afternoon snack! I like to treat myself to one at Tracy Stern's Tea Salon every now and then when I get a chance.

    Thank you so much for stopping by LL4L this weekend...I wish I had seen those gold shoes at J.Crew last year, they are so pretty!


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