August 11, 2010

Floral Fixation

Cath Kidston's flowery feature in the latest edition of Lonny has me considering adding a little floral to my own home.

If I could re-create this in my own bathroom I would die happy...

all images via Lonny

Unfortunately, throwing a hijink in my grand plans, the bathroom is the one room in the condo that we're not supposed to touch... Enter Sherwin Williams Easy Change wallpaper which peels right off when it's time to move out!

Sorting through their selection can be hellish, and a lot of the papers are more grandma than grandma chic but there are still some hidden gems.

Here are a few I found...

I wish the foliage was a little more vibrant but I do love the bright pink buds.

A little brighter and smaller scale...

Love this pattern and the subdued color.

Here are some non-florals that are also on my radar...

Love this geometric!

Until I get my beloved Zebrine I think I could be satisfied with this more subtle zebra!

What do you think? Are florals still more grandma than grandma chic?


  1. florals are definitely still chic! I think I like the brighter floral the best, or the neutral zebra. are they both easy change wallpaper?

  2. the florals are pretty, but I think I'd tire of them quickly. that beige dahlia print is pretty and just think of the fun accent colors you could use!

    I like the header. Not sure that it's new, but I just noticed it!!

  3. I love the idea of doing one room or area in a floral and sneaking in some extra photos of something special, just like Ms. Kidston did with her dog!!!

  4. I need to read the new lonny...everyone is talking about it!

  5. I am definitely not a floral person myself! But I think they have there place:) :)

  6. Love the Zebra! And a touch of floral is fab!

  7. Mix and match follow your feeling don't think to much x

  8. I saw those florals in Lonny the other day and love them! Also loving the geometric wallpaper, thanks for sharing!

  9. Ok, I keep coming back to this blog post. OB-sessed. Will you please come over and decorate my house with me!?


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