April 21, 2010

Girl Behind the Blog

Sincerest thanks to Mackenzie from Design Darling for gifting me with the Beautiful Blogger Award! Mackenzie is leading quite the charmed life studying abroad in France right now and if you haven't visited her blog, head on over, you're missing out!

I am supposed to share seven things about myself that you may not know. I haven't talked too much about myself on here so maybe these will be of interest.

1. I have a degree in Political Science and moved to D.C to pursue a career in politics, but my ultimate dream is to own a boutique. I plan on filling it with gorgeous dresses from my favorite designers, Milly, Tibi, Trina Turk and Diane von Furstenberg. Of course I’ll need to throw in some bold accessories for good measure. I’m thinking candy colored necklaces from KEP Designs, gorgeous gems from Kendra Scott and beachy keen beauties from Meg Carter will do the trick!


2. I cannot leave the house without a tub of my favorite lip balm: Daily Conditioning Treatment by Blistex. I’m so addicted that if I don’t have something on my lips I feel like they’re burning! Crazy, right?

3. My favorite colors are yellow, pink, and orange.

4. I have a terrible case of wanderlust. I have big travel dreams but sadly not the corresponding budget. My favorite trip to date was sailing throughout the U.S and British Virgin Islands. Future travel aspirations include an African safari and a visit to the Greek Isles.

5. My favorite movie is The Thomas Crown Affair. Pierce Brosnan (in his prime) was my celeb crush!

6. I collect vintage necklaces and cocktail rings. I love having unique statement pieces.

7. Instead of future baby names, I daydream about future puppy names. The second we have more space we plan on getting another pup! Here are some names I have jotted down for future fur babies: Lulabelle, Brooks, Maclean (Mac), Tucker and Savannah.

Hope you enjoyed learning a little bit about me!

I'd like to pass this on to:

Erica @ Moth Design

P.S thank you so much for your kind words about the new condo. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that everything will come together well and it won't disappoint!

*Also, to Anonymous who asked about our dining table:
We found the table on craigslist and I think paid about $50.00 for it. The seller told us she had bought it at an antique show in Atlanta, Georgia. It used to be black but I painted her a glossy white. I believe it used to have a leaf but the piece is sadly missing.


  1. I love the earrings goregous....


  2. Wow! Thanks so much. I loved reading and learning more about you...and now I just want to know even more! Open that shop...I would shop there all the time, assuming it would be online as well! :)

  3. I love Trina Turk too. And inherited a ton of cocktail rings, I should be better about wearing them. So fun to read!

  4. You would have the most fabulous boutique!!

  5. OMG that Tibi dress is adorable! Thanks for sharing. Open up that boutique so I can buy that dress from you! :)

  6. Love your list!!!
    Have you talked your Mom into handing over the elephant tape dispenser yet? :)

  7. Continue to pursue your dream. You will get there and have your boutique and I will come shop. What would you recommend I take on my Paris trip?

  8. Pierce is still my crush...even if he is old :)

    And you will love the Greek islands. Your biggest worry is remembering to bookmark your book before you take a nap by the pool. It's wonderful.

  9. CEO-Aren't they beautiful? I really need to add some to my jewelry collection.

    The Zhush-You are very welcome! Lets hope my pipedream someday becomes a reality so you can be one of my first customers :)

    My Domicile Style-Jealous of your cocktail ring collection! Put those babies to good use! xx

    Stephanie- Thanks! I hope it happens someday!

    La Dolfina-Elephant is still in my mom's possesion. Boo! Looks like I need to up the ante! xx

    Muffy-Thanks! Glad you enjoyed xx

    Mariska-Thanks Mariska, you're too sweet! So jealous you're Paris bound. I'm going to work on an email of goodies to pack! xx

    Elizabeth- That sounds like my kind of life!

  10. I too dream up dog names! People sometimes ask about baby names, and I'm always quick to respond that I haven't thought of those but do know the names of my future dogs. And please open that boutique (but include online shopping so I can buy something too)!

  11. Thanks so much for the award! I am so ready to shop at your boutique...I love statement pieces too. I like all of the dogs names. I also have my dogs names picked out! xx

  12. That first dress is soooo lovely! I want to be wearing it right now! And... don't feel alone in naming your future pets, I've got my own list lining up over here too!

  13. Great list. Has the elephant arrived from your mother yet?

  14. When you open your boutique-I'd love to come visit-you will certainly have all my favorite designers there. Also love your ring collection--you can never have to many. Recent new reader to your blog--it's fun and interesting. I'm now following you ;) you-look forward to more posts! best, Barbara

  15. you are just so sweet, this is going to be fun! I'll gladly shop at your boutique any day and thank heavens that you also think PB is kinda hunky :)



  16. What a lovely little boutique you would have! Love that brightly colored dress and yellow necklace!

  17. Lovely post - so kind of you to include my baubles! Fabulous grecian dress paired with my studs - is it Milly? xo Meg
    - be sure to let me know when you open that boutique!

  18. Just saw your tweet and I am so happy to have found your blog! I work in finance in DC but my ultimate dream is to have my own boutique as well and we share the same fave designers so obviously you have excellent taste :) Can't wait to read more!

  19. Meg- Isn't the dess gorgeous? It is Milly and I really need it in my closet for spring! I will definitely be in touch when I open my boutique...Hopefully sooner than later! xx

  20. love your blog :) how do you display/store your vintage rings?

  21. I have a male cocker spaniel named General Pierre Gustave Toutant Beauregard(aka Bubba) and before my foster cocker spaniel, Sasha, decided i was her forever home, I had the name "Tallulahbelle" picked out for a future sister for Beau. I know its not the same, but I'm happy someone else loves a "Lulabelle" type name!

  22. I have always dreamed of opening a boutique too!!


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