March 9, 2010

My Solution to the D.C Bag Tax

J.Crew just gets me every time. No sooner than I had sworn off drinking the "crewlade" due to their increased prices and in my opinion, decreased quality, I see this fabulous reusable tote through their shiny storefront. Ohh how I fell for that little parrot perched on her bag.

I've already justified the purchase to myself by envisioning all the places I'll be using my new bag. Toting my towel and sunscreen to the pool... bringing home stacks of books from the library... picking up flowers and fresh veggies from the farmers market... stashing gym clothes... and most importantly... avoiding the D.C bag tax!

There were two other equally tempting designs in the store that I can't seem to find anywhere online. At only $10.00 I think you'll agree that this was an irresistible pick up!


  1. This bag is darling!! I think I will be purchasing one myself very soon. I mean, at $10, who can resist?
    XO fallon

  2. I had sworn off the Crewlade too and then walked by the perfect navy blue suiting dress in the store window the other night. Someday I'll be strong enough to move on!

  3. I can relate to the way you justify your purchases!!
    But seriously, at $10... no justification needed.
    Great score :)

  4. Saw them in store, darling! I still need to snatch a couple up!

  5. Ah love them! Haven't seen them yet. I'll have to take a break later today and snatch some up!

  6. um. im kind of in love.....
    gotta go get some.

  7. It's a definitely a steal at $10!


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