March 8, 2010

Ben's Garden Oyster Bay

Last night while aimlessly wandering the internet, I stumbled across the most fantastic site selling beautiful decoupage trays, paperweights, and magnets. Introducing, Ben's Garden...

After looking at every.single.item, I decided on some favorites:

I would love to have this vintage stamp tray sitting on my console table to collect the mail that inevitably gets scattered around my apartment...
To remind me of home...
To add a little tropical to my fridge...

Because I have an obsession with zebras...

I am perpetually looking for my glasses at night before bed. Perfect excuse to pick up this tray to make sure I always know where they are...
Please go lose yourself in Ben's website, it's fantastic! I particularly enjoyed learning more about him in the timeline section which includes little nuggets like:

Ben d├ęcoupaged his mother’s cocktail table. She was pretty impressed.

{2000}A.P. English High School teacher conferenced his parents. Pages were missing from his textbooks. (He was making paperweights with the quotes.)

{2001}Met with C.Z. Guest, a famous socialite, to ask her to write for his magazine. While eating tiny sandwiches and watching her son practice polo, Ben talks about talking up polo as a sport. She laughs and agrees to write for his magazine.

I wish I could say I had met with C.Z Guest before I graduated high school! Ben's designs have been picked up by Anthropologie, Kate's Paperie, ABC Carpet&Home, Dean&Deluca as well as featured in O Magazine and In Style. One more thing to add to my ever growing wish list!


  1. my grandmother went through a huge decoupage phase. She claims its easy and she could teach me. Your post makes me want to make by own bedside tray!

  2. How fun! Thank you for sharing this link!

  3. OMGOSH! Haven't even been to the site yet and already in love! The bit with the missing papers and the adorable is he!?

  4. The timeline section is adorable! I would love to have one of his linen pillows (so cute) or the little tray to set my glasses on.


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