June 17, 2009

Birkins For Under $1,000!

So I did kind of lead you on with that title but how cute are these cocktail napkins from Avril Loreti's Etsy store?!  I think these are a fantastic tribute to the iconic Hermes bag and would look wonderful on any fashion maven's table.  They come in sets of eight or four and at $52.00 and $26.00 respectively, they are much more friendly on the wallet than their leather counterpart!


  1. I read the title and thought you wrote BIKINIS for under $1000. I was like: oh goodness, there are bikinis that are OVER $1000?!?!


    Silly me!


  2. Sooo adorably sweet ... perfect for a ladies brunch or cocktails :)

  3. Oh I did the same too Prep-E Girl..that's what I get for scrolling so fast! Too funny. Adorable napkins!

  4. Thanks for stopping by my blogs. Love your blog! Are you a DC blogger?

  5. I just discovered your blog via Preppy in New England and just had to comment - these are the cutest things ever! They'd make a great gift for a fashion-lover.

  6. These are SO cute and would be great for a Saturday lunch or Sunday brunch with all the girls. Thank you for sharing!


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