December 17, 2010


I could use a little luck today and what better than a good old fashioned good luck charm (encrusted in diamonds of course) to bring it? In an ideal world there would be no such thing as pesky budgets and I'd be wearing this Jennifer Meyer wishbone necklace right now. Unfortunately, we don't live in that world so maybe if you could just keep your fingers crossed for me that would work too!

Happy Friday! 


  1. adorable, I could use some luck myself...totally agree about the budget thing!! wish mine was LARGER. Happy Holidays.

  2. Love that necklace. Wishing you lots of luck!

  3. I have a big time crush on Jennifer Meyer's jewelry. And yellow gold. ANd dainty chains. And bitty diamonds. So what I'm saying is, this necklace is perfect for me!! Too bad I don't think Santa will be slipping it into my stocking this year... maybe next :)

  4. I've been coveting Jennifer Meyer's wishbones for ages, so beautiful!! And I will definitely cross my fingers for you =)


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