December 4, 2010

A Little Glitz

I'm headed to the first of many holiday parties tonight and am in desperate need of a little glitz. Of course, I've waited till the very last minute and have nothing to wear so an emergency shopping trip to Georgetown is in my future. If I had my choice, (and money was no object), I'd be strutting my stuff in this stunning Adam dress tonight. Here's to hoping that I find something equally fabulous that won't be quite so traumatic to my bank account. 

Are you celebrating tonight? What will you be wearing? Inspire me!


  1. Ooooh fabulous dress! I'm sure Georgetown will have you covered! If you can't get the glitz and glam in your dress go for it with your shoes or bag! Happy Holidays!

  2. aaa love this one, its on one of my gift guides :) Have fun tonight!!

  3. Love it- sparkles always make the world a better place. Tonight I'm trying out an over-the-top rendition of a Lesley dress with vintage jewellery and purple tights - wish me luck!


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