December 10, 2010

Holiday Gift Guide 2010: For the Library

I might be a bit of a dork, but books are always one of my favorite gifts to give and receive. There really is something out there for everyone. For the final gift guide, here are a few of my picks for the library...
Mary McDonald Interiors (1) and The Encyclopedia of the Exquisite (10) are two coveted titles on my own list this year.  Foo Dog Bookends (2) are the perfect accessory for any bibliophile's bookcase.  Things We Love (3) hasn't hit the shelves yet, but I'm anxiously anticipating it's arrival. If your gifting a book filled with inspiration like Kelly Wearstler's HUE (7), you might also include some Sticky Notes (4) and a Graphic Image Pen (5) for them to mark their favorites. The responses in Vanity Fair's Proust Questionnaire (6) are sure to be entertaining.  If you have an aspiring writer on your list, The Elements of Style (8) illustrated by Maira Kalman is a necessity! Finally, Jack Spade Bookmarks (9) will make it easy for them to pick up right where they left off. 

I hope you enjoyed this week of gift guides, I had so much fun putting them together! Hopefully they gave you a few ideas, or at the very least, were a fun escape from the work day :)


  1. what a selection! I love all of these books :)

  2. ok so we willl be able to buy Things We Love? I have heard conflicting rumors on that..I added the series they did with the strand to my wish list, but that things we love is just soo cute

  3. I got Hue for my birthday and I love its such coffee table eye candy


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