November 30, 2010

A Very Kate Christmas



A tree in the tub and glittering jewels on ice, Kate Spade just does it every time! They recently shared these shots from their holiday ad campaign on their facebook fan site and unsurprisingly, I'm in love. I actually have an entire folder devoted to old Kate Spade advertisements because they're just so gorgeous. Maybe I'd be embarrassed for being such a groupie if I wasn't so sure that I'm not the only one. I'm fairly certain that I'm among the very best company!


  1. I love kate spade ad campaigns! This one is not my favorite because of the crazy, messy look but the stuff they are selling... I can't live without it!

  2. These are colorful, fun and festive!!!

  3. I love them too! I especially love their fridge packed with goodies -- they had a similar one in the broome st store last week!

  4. My Kate file includes a shot with an amazing rainbow-colored array of dictionaries (they are not even by KS, I think the ad was for her shoes). Think of it every time I use my boring old dictionary.

    Currently lusting after her collection of gold holiday purses ... {sigh}

  5. . . . the best company :-) I have dragged every single picture that they've posted onto my desktop! Yes, it's love. xoxo

  6. love these too, i also love the one the girl has a brooch on her eye, so cute :)


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