November 1, 2010

San Francisco Surprise

My dad is turning the big 5-0 this weekend and to celebrate my mom is taking him on a surprise trip to San Francisco! They've been to California before but have somehow missed this beautiful city. You, my amazing readers, have never led me astray in your recommendations in the past so I thought I'd ask for some suggestions for my parents. What are your favorite spots and things to do in SF? Is there a delicious restaurant they can't miss for his birthday dinner? Great boutiques my mom can't pass up? I'd love to hear them and I'm sure my parents will be very appreciative--50 is a big one so they have to live it up!

 Hope your Halloween weekend was filled with more treats than tricks! Mine was admittedly low key, pumpkin carving, scary movies and our first fire of the season in our fireplace. We are officially an old couple!


  1. how fun! and i LOVE these prints! de cuba is a great resturant, as is farralone, drinks at bubble lounge, shopping on fillmore, brunch across the golden gate at sams in tiburon(jack and crab omlette will CHANGE YOUR LIFE)

  2. Oh that's so cool they are doing that. I've never been to San Fran but I hear a fun day trip is going to Napa to try out some wineries!

  3. I just went to San Francisco in September and the best thing I did was the Alcatraz tour. If you take the last tour of the day, you watch the sun set over the golden gate bridge on the boat ride there. Late at night, the staff opens up special areas of the prison that aren't usually open - I got to see the hospital wing and it looked like something from a Saw movie. It was very creepy but a great experience overall, the stories from the inmates and guards were really interesting. Make sure you reserve tickets in advance because the night tour fills up quick!

  4. I live out here:). Does your mother like slightly avante garde fashion at all? If yes, M.A.C. is the greatest little boutique. If she goes for nifty blouses, the Naracamice store on Sutter is great. Barney's NY has an SF store that is great for classic, fancy, a little edgy.

    Food? Oh gosh. We do nothing but eat out here. What's their favorite kind of eats? And I do advise checking out The SF board is wonderful.

  5. What a wonderful way to celebrate.

  6. I lived out there for a while and since my bro is a wine importer I ate my way through the city. As for a boutique. You just gotta walk around the streets and you will find amazing shopping everywhere.

    Here are my fav eats:
    Little Star Pizza
    Nopa - cinnamon sugar sopapillas, chocolate mousse, dark & stormies, burgers, flatbread, fries with eyes (tiny little fried fish)
    Blue Barn - great little sandwiches & design your own salads for lunch
    Papalote - AH-mazing fresh mexican
    Taco Trucks are your friend for a quick snack
    The Front Porch - twist on southern food. The cook and owner are from Florida
    There are some good dim sum places in downtown. Just pick one and you should enjoy it.
    The Ferry Building is really fun as well. There is a place that serves meat in a paper cone, try the clam chowder, there is also some really cute little shops.
    Fisherman's Wharf is fun to venture down but it isn't worth spending too much time there.
    Ghirardelli Square is fun and has a great little card and stationary store called Lola's. The original Lola's is in North Beach. Check out North Beach for some italian btw.
    My FAVORITE place for brunch is called Tartine's in the mission. Best brunch ever. They also have a bakery that has morning buns, pasteries, and the best croque monsieurs.

    At least your parents won't go hungry :)

  7. Have a lovely time. Sorry I have never been to the US. on my "to do" list xox

  8. feel free to email me..i can give you lottsa tips!

  9. I have lived in the Bay Area for less than a year and still feel like a tourist, but at least I feel like an educated one at this point! I could go on and on but a few of my favorite spots:
    Lang Antiques- if your dad wants to give your mom an amazing jewelry item(and plently of reasonable things)

    If it's Sunny- The ferry to Sausalito or Tiburon is one of the most beautiful ways to see the city skyline. In Sausalito- Scoma's is right on the watter and a short walk from the ferry landing.

    For a free thrill- take the glass elevator to the top of the Westin St. Francis(32 floors) for a sweeping view of downtown!

    Hope I am not too late, but if so, just add it to your list for next time!-elyse


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