November 16, 2010

A Personal Favorite

 Adam Herz's guest bedroom, featured in the November 2008 issue of Elle Decor, is an oldie but goodie. I've probably stared at it for hours on end trying to commit every last detail to memory. It's the perfect mix of color and pattern, vintage and modern. Such a difficult balance to attain! I have to point out that one of my favorite fabrics of all time, Peter Dunham's Fig Leaf, is gracing that beautiful loveseat. Oh, what I wouldn't give for a yard or two of that fabric... What are some of your personal favorites? Is there a room you just can't get out of your head?

P.S does anyone know anything about that fantastic orange pillow? I'd LOVE to find something similar.


  1. I love everything about this room - especially that it's not too put-together, but feels more like it just happened without much orchestration.

  2. This is a fave for sure!! The bed is just to die for! :-)

  3. me too - love that room to bits! KG

  4. Love this room! The love seat and and the four-poster bed are amazing. Just the right amount of sleek and modern mixed with vintage.

  5. Fantastic guest bedroom! I love the symmetry of the design. I have so many fabrics on my lust list. I just purchased some China Seas fabric for pillows, it was quite an investment.

    Amy R.


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