November 23, 2010

Bringing Back the Glamour

Screen shot 2010-11-14 at 9.43.09 PM
I'm sure many of us have travel on the horizon this holiday season and what with the lines, chaos, and TSA agents trying to get to second base, traveling is no longer the glamorous activity of the past. Remember when people used to dress up to travel? Those were the days. I think we need to restore a little bit of that long lost glamour and make traveling more bearable. Fabulous luggage is a great place to start and it doesn't get much more glamorous than this Hermes orange Globe-Trotter valise. It may not get me through security any faster, but I'd definitely have a smile on my face waiting for it at baggage claim. 

Safe travels to anyone making their way home for Thanksgiving! 


  1. Oh I miss the days of dressing up to travel, those really were the days! I still dress up to fly, my mom has been dressing me up to fly since I was a tiny girl so it just feels wrong not to.
    That fab suitcase certainly would make traveling a lot more bearable and glamorous! I am dreaming of someday having a proper trunk with drawers and everything, every time I see an old movie and people are packing their trunks to go off on holiday I start the search but I've yet to find one in a remotely acceptable price range. And I'm pretty sure if I ever find one the baggage claim person will give me the "crazy lady" look!

  2. when i read this, my mind immediately went to a picture of husband and i on our way back from out honeymoon (the last time we were in the airport). we rocked our pajamas all the way home ... looking pretty rough.

    you are right though. i, elizabeth, vow to glam it up next time i travel. maybe it will make the waiting more tolerable.

    happy thanksgiving!

  3. Happy Thanksgiving... All the glamour has been taken out of traveling....


  4. these are so luxurious, but I could feel comfortable traveling so high and up or maybe I would who knows :)

  5. I wish I had these for my upcoming trip to Dubai!

  6. Yes, I remember getting dressed to travel. I think this suitcase would be even more wonderful being carted a private little jet.

  7. stunning--that color is so gorgeous.

  8. Do I ever remember!! Those were the days :-) I remember plane trips when I was a child. Our family was dressed as we dressed for church! Now, well, you know. Just another thing that has gone to "hell in a hand basket". :-) Happy Thanksgiving!! xoxo


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