October 22, 2010

Walk With the Animals

Etsy is one of my many online addictions and I'm always finding new shops to love. My latest find, The Craft Pantry, sells these adorable eco-chic canvas totes. The elephant is my personal favorite and would be a great way to beat the DC bag tax. Plus, at only $18-$20 you can afford to start your own mini menagerie!


  1. Love these! Another great find. Thanks!

  2. Oh, my, I'm in love! There is a bag with vintage pens, another w/ an old microscope, and a blue typewriter. Thanks for sharing your find.

  3. This shop is super cute. Obviously, I love the French Bulldog wearing a crown...

  4. I am a huge fan of reusable totes. The peacock one is perfect!
    Lovely blog - I am your newest follower!

  5. Oh these totes are adorable! And so affordable! The elephant is definitely my favorite...I can't wait to go check out this shop now!


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