October 18, 2010

Lesley Loves You

It's true, the ladies at Lesley Evers do love you! So much so, that they're offering Starfish&Sundresses readers an exclusive 20% discount off the entire fall line! Such great gals, aren't they? Since I'm on an orange kick, the Riley dress in Newbury Gold would be my first choice. I think it'd be perfect to wear while hosting my little Thanksgiving feast.  Fitted, but still comfortable enough to have that second piece of apple pie a la mode. And we all know how important that is...

Here's how to shop:

Use the code "star2promo" for 20% off until Sunday (10/24). 

P.S Become a fan of Lesley Evers on Facebook, if they reach 500 fans by Dec. 12th you could win a gorgeous Tilda dress! 


  1. Oooooooh! That dress is super amazing!
    I think it would be perfect for you to wear during Thanksgiving while being the hostess! :)


  2. I'm #390 on their FB page. :-) Thanks for sharing the discount info.


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