October 25, 2010


Miles Redd

Nate Berkus


This weekend, on a whim, I decided it was time to finally tackle one of the last big items on my to-do list--painting our bedroom. With no particular color in mind I spent some serious time with my tear sheets and inspiration folders. The boyfriend's one request... that it be something that made him feel hydrated. Say what? My thoughts exactly. Here's what I pulled together for inspiration. What do you think? Not feeling dehydrated I hope!


  1. haha silly bf. Hey I saw the Kate Spade zebra tote on sale at bloomies, they only have it left in black though

  2. Loving all your inspiration pictures!! Can't wait to see the color you picked.

  3. hahhaa nice way to put it!!
    Love the tory burch wallpaper!


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