October 1, 2010

Chin Chin!

Let's ring in the weekend with a well deserved glass--okay, maybe two--of champagne, shall we? I just happen to have the perfect bottle for the occasion. On October 15th Dom Perignon will be releasing a series of Andy Warhol tribute bottles! I'm sure the vintage 2002 is delicious, but because I'm a marketers dream, I'm more interested in the pop art packaging. Take your pick between red, yellow, and blue bottles. At a $150/bottle though you might want to think long and hard ha!


  1. While I love the bottle, I also love prosecco and have been enjoying different affordable options. My favorite is definitely the Riondo Pink Prosecco!

    Maybe we can share some on the stoop next week... it would be lovely.

  2. I also love Prosecco but have definitely indulged in Dom on special occasions! Buying one of these is investing in art. Have a great weekend! xx


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