August 1, 2010


I thought I'd indulge my inner maximalist today with these cluttered corners. I'm sure I'd go a bit crazy if this were my own house, (with only 800sq ft there isn't much room for clutter), but I think I'd be more than happy to spend a few hours among the stacks of books and other pretty things. What do you think, are these visual overload or beautifully organized chaos?
P.S I don't have photo credits for these images so if they're yours let me know!


  1. I like these looks in the photos, but I think IRL I'd have the constant urge to de-clutter them :)

  2. Lindsay! if you find the credit for the first photo you have to let me know. that room is BEAUTIFUL!
    xx fallon

  3. Hmmmm. Stacks of things always look so chic in magazines but in real life I can't bear the clutter. These photos are fab, though.

  4. I have a stack of books with an orchid ontop in my living room. Love this look!

  5. The middle shot (and perhaps the bottom as well) is from the apartment of Herve Pierre, the brilliant French creative director at Carolina Herrera. He's a dear!!! xx Katie


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