August 5, 2010

Buckle Up

Slim Aarons

Tommy Hilfiger via Habitually Chic

Rita Konig

After nine hours in the car we're finally home on the Cape! I'm completely exhausted so you'll have to excuse the lack of content and enjoy these road trip inspired photos while I catch up on sleep. I wish our trip was half as glamorous!


  1. ooooh. my heart just fluttered a bit. i love all of these photos. and, i wish i was on the cape right now too. it's 50 degrees in San Francisco. sigh. x Emily

  2. LOve the 500!! They have rereleased it in Europe , hope it comes state side. Hoorah for your trip. xo

  3. Fabulous that you're home, love the Cape! I love Slim Aarons too, truly, was anyone ever more glamorous? XO!

  4. I have really enjoyed these photos, Thanks.
    Get a good long rest :)

  5. I just saved literally every one of these as inspiration. STUNNING. I love Slim Aarons' photography and that pink mini is to die for! Have a wonderful vacay and a lovely weekend!


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