July 25, 2010

Plates Galore

My favorite week of summer is right around the corner...restaurant week! I already have three reservations made and one more in the works. As my dad used to tease, we might just have to widen the doors! I thought this Marc Burstyn photo was all too appropriate for the occasion. So many pretty plates. Anyone else ready for a restaurant week binge? I plan on logging some serious gym hours so I can enjoy guilt free and avoid any door widening!

P.S For the locals, any favorite restaurants I should add to my growing list?


  1. What is restaurant week? Sounds like fun whatever it is! I love the plates. xo

  2. We are spoiled and have an entire month in miami...Miami Spice its called. Bon Appetit!

  3. Yipppeeeee for restaurant week! Such the perfect image to illustrate your fun week ahead too :) I love the opportunity to try new restaurants/chefs without having to pay the full sticker price on the first go around. Now I just need to get down to DC so I can join you! Heehee! Hope your summer is going well Lindsay! Sending hugs xoxo

  4. restaurant week is my favorite also!


  5. Ooooh--what on earth is "restaurant week?" Sounds incredibly fun. :)


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