May 2, 2010

Weekend Adventures

Can't believe it's already Monday again...the weekends always go by too quickly, especially when they're good ones! Friday I was able to stop by a designer tag sale hosted by Michele from My Notting Hill. I swung by at the end of the first day and was glad I did because there were some beautiful things!

Here's what came home with me:

So excited to have a little Chiang Mai Dragon in our new condo! The colors are perfect for our bedroom and I've been obsessing over this fabric for a loong time now. Plus, I don't think I could ever get a better deal than $30.00!
I was in desperate need of a new planter for our topiary after the blue/white ceramic umbrella stand I had been planning to use had an unfortunate run in with the pavement and shattered into a million pieces. Whoops. At $5.00 though, this was the perfect alternative.

A big thank you to Michele for hosting such a great sale!

There were hats and horses galore on Saturday at the Virginia Gold Cup. We had beauuutiful weather (90+ degrees!) and great company. Can't wait till next year!

What were your weekend highlights?

P.S we're down to one last wall to paint... there's light at the end of the tunnel!


  1. What an amazing find! I covet your Chaing Mai Dragon pillow!

  2. what a lovely weekend, love the pillow, I was also planning to buy a couple!! now Im ever more convinced!! Great buy!!
    have a lovely week xoxo

  3. i agree..i cannot believe it is Mondayy!

    love the pillow..fav pattern

  4. Love chiang mai dragon... and $30 what a steal!!

  5. Such a beautiful pillow!!! Nice choice girl! :)

    Only one more wall to paint?? That's great!! Does that mean pictures soon?!?! ;)

  6. So jealous of this sale- I wish I lived closer to go. Your finds are AMAZING!

  7. LOVE that pillow! great finds!

  8. That is great fabric on that pillow.


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