May 4, 2010

Tory's Unfailing Good Taste

Tory Burch is definitely one of my lifestyle icons, everything about her is chic and stylish. I'm really starting to think that she should write a book because she always has the best ideas for entertaining on her blog.

I'm particularly loving her ideas for "Mother's Day Breakfast in Bed." White wicker trays with blue and white china and orange poppies?! TOO adorable!

These look delicious. Find the recipe here.

How gorgeous are the poppies in that blue/white bud vase? Looove orange!

I won't be home for Mother's Day this year, but if I were this would be my inspiration!

P.S Don't worry mom I still have a present headed your way xo


  1. Agree, if I was home I would absolutely follow

  2. She is quickly becoming a lifestyle icon of mine as well! I won't be near my mom this mother's day either as she is galavanting in europe..but this would have been perfect if she were home!

  3. Tory Burch has such fabulous style in fashion and decor. I love her shop in East's amazing. As for Mother's Day, I'll be happy to wake up and know that I'm a mother to two wonderful little greatest blessing.

  4. oh tory, how i love thee. when is your houseware/lifestyle line coming really

  5. I absolutely LOVE the breakfast in bed idea!!! Xoxo-BLC

  6. Her newsletter this month was spot on! LOVE


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