May 25, 2010

Parrots on Parade

Birds have been popular in design for some time now, but lately I've been spotting some of the more tropical varieties all over of the place. I never considered myself to be much of a bird person but I think I'm going to have to reconsider after I pulled all these things together!

This colorful FJS Pillow is enough to make me change my mind! I was instantly reminded of Ashley Putnam's to-die-for dining room in the latest issue of Lonny. The parrot pillow was one of my favorite parts of the room. I love how it echoes the paint color.

One of my favorite blogs, Little Green Notebook, has a parrot perched on her entry table. I'm still obsessed with her ikat table skirt, aren't you?

Z Gallerie is offering a more more subdued pair...

No post on parrots would be complete without mention of Edward Lear. I'm dying to get my hands on this book which contains all of his parrot drawings.

Everything Anna Spiro touches is golden in my book. LOVE these lamps she featured in the window of Black+Spiro awhile back.

Anthropologie is never one to miss out on a bit of whimsy. Their island rug would be gorgeous in the right room, don't you think?
I swoon every time I see a new post in my reader from Caitlin McGauley. Check out her latest renditions which just so happen to fit perfectly with the theme of this post.
A parrot inspired by the work of Hunt Slonem. We're totally on the same page, remember this post? Her illustration of this Marc Jacobs bag is gorgeous. I think I'd rather have her art than the bag!

So what do you think, are parrots the next big trend? Maybe I'm just late to the party and they already are!


  1. beingruby.blogspot wrote a post about cockatoo's like the one shown on the first pillows. Apparently they are wild in parts of Australia.

    You might enjoy the read...

  2. My husband's grandmother has wooden parrots on her Florida kitchy fun...

  3. I love, love, love these. I love birds in general though. I actually have a cockatoo and macaw like the ones shown in some of the photos (yes, I am THAT bird crazy!!) so I especially love these!! :)

  4. I am a bird accessory fanatic! I just think they are such pretty and delicate animals that look great through a home. I LOVE Anna Spiro as well!!

  5. Love those lamps so so much! Great post!

  6. I'm a bit freaked out by parrots. The whole talking thing, I think. I do like birds quite a bit however. I think that look will stick around....

  7. Such a great assortment of images showing how to use them in fun & decorative ways...verses talking at you...and stuck in a cage!

  8. I like how you pointed out the different ways to use one in design! I don't have any parrots in my home...but i adore the one in lonny.

  9. I didn't think I was a bird person either until I saw your post. Now I want almost everything! I wish I could buy prints of Caitlin McGauley's art - I think I could fill a whole house with them!

  10. Totally used the Z. Gallerie parrots last summer for a friend's living room! I named them too, but I am drawing a blank! Total must have :)

  11. What a fun post! Love the Anthropologie rug.


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