April 1, 2010


It took every ounce of my resolve to not buy this Linea Pelle bag on ideeli this morning. Luckily, my train to the airport came just in the nick of time. I was forced to put my computer and credit card away and thus overspending was avoided. Sigh...but she's so pretty!

I'm headed back to Massachusetts for Easter. I feel like I live in the airport lately with all this traveling!


  1. oh wow. how did you not? its gorgeous.....
    sometimes posting helps. its almost like you are wearing it by showing on your site. i am living vicariously now too cute i love it.

    happy travels sweetness. and happy happy easter!

  2. I'm a shoe gal and usually don't have the "I have to have it" urge with handbags, but that's a nice one! Happy Easter.

  3. Proud of your willpower!

    And hoping you have the most wonderful Easter holiday surrounded by all whom you love!

    Safe travels darlin!

  4. safe travels doll. I hope you celebrated your willpower with a little impulse magazine and candy buy at Hudson News!



  5. I know how you feel girl! Not only is that purse amazing but it's hard to resist handbags in general. ;) Have fun on your trip!


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