April 17, 2010

To The Victor Goes the Spoils

This elephant tape dispenser from Iomoi has been a permanent fixture on my 'want list' for quite some time. I think I might actually enjoy wrapping presents if I it meant I got to use my super stylish tape dispenser!

Knowing the extent of my obsession, you can imagine the jealousy that was incited when my mom texted me this photo:

A vintage brass elephant tape dispenser found at a local thrift store. The coup de grace--she paid $2.00 for it!! I've tried to convince her that I cannot live without said tape dispenser proudly displayed on my desk. Understandably, she's equally smitten with him. Perhaps I can convince her that he would make the perfect housewarming gift for our new condo?
Fingers crossed!


  1. wow what a steal! I love cute gold accents.
    Oh and I just convinced my Mom to gift me a vintage Eames Lounge knock-off she had found. She wasn't too keen on the idea at first until i promised her it didn't go with her stuff and I would help her redecorate a few spaces!

  2. Too cute!!! She should TOTALLY gift you that! Maybe she is planning to and is just making you sweat. ;)

  3. Actually, I like the thrift store find. It would absolutely be a wonderful housewarming gift and you can relay to your mother we think she should.

  4. She'll do it, she's your Mom afterall!
    I do this to my poor Mom all the time!
    Can't wait to see the fruits of your labor!!

  5. Oh how precious, do you need us to start a begging committee? We could start a letter writing campaign on your behalf! :) TOO CUTE!

  6. I hope it makes it to your new condo as a housewarming present- fingers crossed for you!

  7. Oh yes, you must have it!! xoxo

  8. I have never ever seen such a fun stylish tape dispenser. Will keep my eyes open and send you a picture if I ever find one in Amsterdam!


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