April 22, 2010

Paris Daydreams

Yesterday, uber-talented artist and blog friend, Mariska Meijers, asked for recommendations on what to pack for her trip to Paris. My very selfish first response was ME! My dad is headed to France next week for bike trip à la Lance Armstrong and trust me, I tried to get in on that trip too!

It's been a few years since I've been to Paris, but here are some pieces that would be in my suitcase....


-A trench coat. Stay dry and stylish in unpredictable April showers.
-A black wrap dress. It packs easily and can be dressed up or down.
-A great purse. This Marc Jacobs stam is a classic.
-A striped tee. I live in mine! I would wear this with a boyfriend blazer sightseeing,
or on the plane to be comfortable but still put together.
-Something floral. This dress is feminine, flirty and on trend for spring!
-A neutral heel. Suitcase space is prime real estate. Save room for souvenirs
by packing a nude heels that will go with everything!
-Scarves. If you want to blend in with the chic locals, pack a few
scarves to add color and pull your outfit together.
-Comfortable flats. Pack your favorite ballet flats to save your tootsies
on long walks down the Champs Élysées.
-Skinny jeans in a dark wash.
-Blouses. Love this bright top from Tucker. Through it on with your skinnys
and you have an outfit made.
-Bold accessories. Pack a statement necklace, cocktail ring or bright clutch to
add a little extra pop to your outfit.

Those are my humble tips. I'm sure Mariska would appreciate your fashion savvy advice as well, what would you pack for a Paris getaway?


  1. I want everything! Would you like to come to my house and put outfits together for me? haha

  2. a trip to Paris is long overdue, maybe after summer :)
    Love all your picks! I have been looking for a nice stripped tee for a while, where did you get yours? Ill have a look at petit bateau later...
    Enjoy the weekend xoxo

  3. Great Picks! I need a vacation :(

  4. You can pack my bags anytime. I am drooling over the CL Yolanda. Yolanda was my Spanish name in school...not sure that justifies the purchase! Have a great weekend! xx

  5. Oh, j'adore! Ballet flats were my savior in Paris with all the walking (and shopping!) we did. I can't wait to go back!

  6. Can she pack me too??

    These are great choices- even if I am not going to Paris I would wear all of these around Boston :)

  7. Love your picks! That is making me want to jet off to Paris, too!

  8. Heehee! My first instinct would be to say PACK ME too! Your selections are all gorgeous, and our tips are perfect. I would love love love anything to get back to Paris soon...You have such style, I would love for you to come personal shopping with me!!! XOXOX

  9. Great selection. Should I ever go on vacation I think I'll ask you to pick what should be packed.

  10. your shoe choices are wonderful. i wouldn't say no to that trench either.


    xo Alison

  11. Love Paris. I worry more about what having lots of extra room in my suitcase to bring all of my goodies home!!! Lol

  12. I have never been to Paris but would LOVE to go!

  13. yay! i love mariska. she is my fave!!!!! :) what a wardrobe you got there! love it. xoxo

  14. Great choices. I will take that bright flowy blouse, please. I want to go to Paris next week, too!!

  15. I love your picks. I think you covered everything...love those heels!

  16. A big thank you from Paris! Sorry that it took so long to respond to your lovely post dedicated to MOI! I feel really honoured. Great packing advice. My suitcase is only partly filled with similar items so I love how you have pulled the whole mix together! oxoxox


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