April 13, 2010

From Lonny to Your Living Room

In my opinion, Michelle Adams is a tastemaker to be watched. Her style is phenomenal and she seems incredibly down to earth. Don't you just want to be friends with her? I know I do!

If you want to add a little Lonny to your living room check out their etsy store. You can pick up some of the amazing photographs you've seen in Michelle's own apartment.

"Lady Yellow"


"Tree Hugger"

"Vintage Bike"

Gorgeous right?!


  1. I LOVE Lady Yellow, thanks for the ESTY post...I heart that website:)


  2. I had NO idea that they had an etsy store! This is great news. Thank you for the heads up-- I'm off to check out their stock right this instant!

    XOXO fallon

  3. Absolutely gorgeous, this post is just one of the zillion reasons I love your blog.

    Speaking of, I just tagged you for an award, come on over!! XOXO

  4. Ashley- Lady Yellow is one of my favs as well. I've been on the hunt for those J.Crew shoes! xx

    SogniSorrisi- Aren't they beautiful?

    A Lovely Being- So great right?! There are so many more than I featured! xx

    Trish-You are too kind! Heading on over to ya! xoxo

  5. I had no idea they had an Etsy store.

  6. So cute. I've been eyeing some of those prints for awhile. Maybe for a future San Francisco apartment! xoxo katie

  7. Beautiful images. The yellow shoes are delicious!

  8. head over heels for that bicycle photograph! such a pretty post.

    p.s. stop by my blog today when you get the chance — i left you a little something!

  9. How did I miss the whole Lonny store thing!? Thank you for the heads up. And I totally agree with you on Michelle Adams. Tastemaker and trendsetter extraordinaire...


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