March 1, 2010

Photo Wall Reveal

Also in the running for the title of this post was "How I Became Intimately Familiar with My Level" and "I Have the Most Patient Boyfriend Ever!"
After some procrastination we finally tackled the hanging of the photo wall I posted about last week. I thought I'd briefly share the process with you in case you'd like to do a photo wall of your own in the future.
Preppy 101 had the great suggestion of using craft paper to make a template so we picked some up from A.C Moore and taped it up on the wall in the area we planned on hanging the photos.
Definitely use a level for this because even if you think you have it on straight it's probably slightly off.

Next we needed to determine the exact area the photo wall was going to encompass. I had the bf sit on the couch so I could see how low the second row of frames could come to the couch without hitting his head. He's 6'3 so I wanted to avoid any frame to head contact.

After we determined the height of the space we were able to mark the center where the Rhino silk screen would be. From there we decided on the spacing between the frames, as well as the spacing between rows.

We marked all of this in pencil on the craft paper which you can faintly see below. Finally, we put in the nails and started hanging the pictures.

After ripping down the craft paper, I got my level out and made sure each photo was on straight.

And here's the finished product...

I'm sure there are some flaws, but after all the hard work we put in we're very happy with the way it turned out!

P.S Thank you SO much for all your sweet comments on the lucite coffee table, I'm glad you agree it was money well spent!


  1. it looks awesome!!! great job

  2. Nice work...I bet that was not easy lining up the frames! xx

  3. It looks great, but I have to imagine getting all the frames up was a huge headache!

  4. It looks great, I love all the color it adds- and the center rhino is my favorite. So fun!

  5. I like the rhino and the wall...great job!

  6. This is brilliant! It is quite a lot of work to get all that artwork in line! Great job! Love the blog - following you now! -Jami

  7. Between your lovely table and this terrific wall, your place is really coming chic.

  8. Oh my gosh! Looks fabulous! I want those book covers. Have to have them!! xoxo

  9. perfection- this is case and point for why it's worth the while to take your time and do 2938472938 steps, the end product is (I am sure) above and beyond your wildest dreams!



  10. What an awesome DIY project!


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