March 18, 2010

Out of Africa

This photo of Veruschka desperately makes me want to go on safari.

I'll just pack a few bags...

Grab a book and journal for taking field notes...

And of course I won't forget to write!

Anyone want to join my expedition?


  1. Sign me up! I want to come! So YSL safari chic... XO Katie

  2. I recently wrote about wanting to go on a safari too- I would LOVE to travel with you!

  3. The luggage is TDF!!! So many great Safari Chic photos out there certainly make me want to try one out someday!

  4. Beautiful pictures - Out of Africa is one of Fiancé's FAV movies... we even named two of our boats after characters (Blix for the little boat after Baroness Blixby and Finch Hatton for the bigger boat!).

  5. Looks like the chicest of safaris...I'm in!

  6. Love it! Did you see my safari post? I did a pretty amazing safari in South Africa, but I was not dressed so sexy, holding a rifle at any time or toting the the fabulous essentials up above! Fun post...brought back great memories of my trip!

  7. I adore the Darjeeling Limited luggage! I would love to get a set just like it. Maybe someday LV will design luggage just for me like the company did for Wes Anderson..

  8. Katie+Hopsy-Lets do it! I'm ready when you are :)

    Pink Champagne-I love Out of Africa too! Completely jealous of your boats!

    Hamptontoes-Just went back to re-read about your safari adventures. Inspires me even more to pack a bag and go!

    Fallon-Wouldn't it be wonderful to have custom designed luggage?! Someday when we're rich and famous..

  9. love this shot of Veruschka (i used it in a weekend post about a month ago)
    I also think that stationary is marvelous
    fun post lets go to Africa

  10. Count me in, love the luggage and I would bring colored pencils to draw the animals we come upon, camera too for larger works back home.

    Art by Karena


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