February 7, 2010

Things to do When You're Snowed In: Part One

With 20+ inches of snow on the ground, D.C all but shut down this weekend. This gave me plenty of time to catch up on my blog reading and subsequently a little online shopping!

Over at A Cup of Jo I found this collection of 100 postcards by Penguin Books. Each postcard is a different vintage book cover. I might be a little bit of a nerd, but I just had to have this!

I'm a sucker for good packaging and these come packaged in a faux book box!

I'm so excited to look through all the different titles. Wouldn't it be great to send a friend one of their favorite titles?

Better yet, why not frame some of your favorites like Kate Spade has done below.

Unfortunately the set isn't available in the U.S until October, 2010, but I didn't let that stop me in my mission! I bought mine on eBay from this seller in the UK. A little obsessive? Definitely. But hey, when you're snowed in you have to pass the time somehow right?

I hope you all had a great weekend!


  1. I need this. I love the idea of framing a few. I really really need this.

  2. Oddly, the snow never made it to NY? But, if we had been snowed in, that's exactly my idea of the perfect snow day!

  3. Very cool...can't wait to see what you do with them! I love vintage posters and prints! Enjoy the snow! xx

  4. Love it! I really, really want that too!

  5. is there anything better than being a little housemuffin during a storm?!



  6. Send that snow our way, I want a weekend to hunker in!

  7. You have such great taste, I love this idea!!

  8. these have just made my decade!! I'm getting them asap!


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