February 16, 2010

Meet My Matador

When I first spotted Happy Menocal's watercolors over at Matters of Style I just knew I had to add one to my own home. The bright colors and oh-so-serious expressions on their faces just made me smile. Happy was an absolute pleasure to work with and quickly had my matador en route to me.

Here he is waiting to be hung:

If you like Happy's work you can purchase originals at Jonathan Adler's store in NYC. Happy tells me they are beautifully framed. I hope to get there in the future to check them out!

And the opposition:

Some other favorites from Happy's sketchbook:

Only 50 matador prints were made, so you can feel pretty exclusive if you snatch up one of the last ones over at Happy's website.

Here's hoping Happy makes prints of more of her work!


  1. Happys prints truly make me really happy. They are sooo cute. thanks for posting these.

  2. Love, love these matador prints! How precious!

  3. just wanted to say thank you for posting a link to my blog (mermaid in madras) on your blog. you are one of my daily reads!!! xoxoxo ARIANNE

  4. I choose the purple one (natch), he makes me..Happy!

  5. Jonathan Adler's shop was near my West Village apartment, and I would drool over this artist's work. Thanks for letting me know I can get a print myself after daydreaming about one!

  6. I never knew matadors were this stylish! The colors and the poses are great.

  7. The artwork sold at Jonathan Adler is always perfect. His style kind of reminds me of the Madeline books (my favorite when I was a little girl). Love!


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