February 25, 2010

Manic Trout Discount!

I was pleasantly surprised when reading through comments to see that Sierra Bailey, owner of Manic Trout, had left a comment offering a very generous 15% discount to Starfish and Sundresses readers!

From now until March 1st use the code "Starfish" to receive 15% off at the Manic Trout website.
You'll find so many more goodies at Manic Trout's website, check out these adorable lucite flower earrings:

Happy shopping and thank you Sierra!


  1. Oh goodie!!! Now I need to convince my sweet hubby that one of Sierra's necklaces are soooo worth us going over our budget this month...just sayin'!

  2. i pretty much only wear studs and love both those!

  3. ooh yay! Bookmarking this site right now!


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