February 1, 2010

I'll Trade You...

My J.Crew ensemble and Longchamp tote for your Missoni wrap and Cartier bag. Sounds like a fair trade right? I'll be flying back to the freezing weather of D.C today, sadly not looking anywhere nearly as chic as Fergie.

Here's hoping my pink pashmina will keep me somewhat warm considering I neglected to bring a coat!


  1. I hope that pashmina did the trick. I love the Missoni coat and Fergie wears it well... I'm sure you would, too!

  2. I love that bag. A Cartier bag, a Missoni coat would surely warm my world.

  3. Such a chic travel look! Totally lusting after that Cartier bag.

  4. Wow. That wrap is stunning. And that bag-beautiful.

    That's ok, though. We'll both be rocking our j.crew and pink pashminas today instead!!

  5. I love the wrap, the bag and her boots too!

  6. Like I said, it was unseasonal gold Bonannos and a white cotton wrap with pale blue alligators for my travels. But at least we had a tan which trumps Missoni and Cartier! Well, maybe not all Cartier...XXOO

  7. We do love that Missoni, and hope your pink pashmina kept you warm while returning to the cold!

    Sending you a smile,


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