February 18, 2010

For the Love of Lucite!

Pretty pretty please let this lucite coffee table found on craigslist be mine! Sadly, at $85 I'm sure someone has already scooped it up. I mean, who wouldn't when there are so many beautiful rooms featuring lucite out there?!

UPDATE: It was still available!! I got the table woohoo!


Keep your fingers crossed one will be making an appearance in my living room soon!

P.S in answer to your questions about my inspiration board:

The corkboard is actually a Marshall's find. I just loved the shape of the frame!

The necklace on there is actually a U.S bicentennial medallion. I love our country and the medallion reminds me each day to be thankful for it and for our troops that keep us safe.

Have A Great Weekend!


  1. Ohhhh I totally need a lucite coffee table.

  2. I just love it and I want to know when you're launching your interior design firm, because I will be your first customer!



  3. Amazing round up of beautiful lucite!

  4. these are the days i wish i lived in a city where there were finds like this to be had on craigslist! SO jealous

  5. that is super neat. our craigslist never has good stuff.

  6. Fab tables! I like how you added the pictures of how they would look in real, livable rooms. By the way- I got the notebook and it is just gorgeous!!!

  7. oh my! that is a seriously great find! did you get it?

  8. Oh you lucky thing you! Tell me, who and why was some one selling it for 85 smackaroos! What a steal. Good for you!

  9. Terrific find! While I love the shape of the plain simple CB2 lucite (we have it at my office), the one you scooped up is so much more interesting! Excited to see where it lands! Marija

  10. lucky you! what a great find!!


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