December 6, 2009

Deck the Halls

The snow here in DC yesterday definitely helped get me in the holiday spirit! Most of my day was spent decorating the apartment. Even though I will be going home for Christmas I still insisted we have a live tree; I just can't imagine not having one! My inspiration for my holiday decor was actually found in Good Housekeeping.

I loved the apple greens and white poinsettias they featured here:

After finding some glittering gold pear ornaments in Home Goods I adopted the theme of "a partridge in a pear tree" for our tree. It still needs a few finishing touches, but I think it's turned out really well! I'll have to share a pic when it's finished. Hope you're all getting into the holiday spirit!


  1. I LOVE the green!!! It's gorgeous!!!

  2. Your decorations are gorgeous!!!

  3. love the theme and the greenery is gorgie- so fresh and crisp and you can keep it up past Christmas and it's still winter appropriate!

    I'd facebook thumbs up this if possible ;)



  4. Love the greens. Yes the snow helped me too! xoxo


  5. Love this color combo for the holidays! Your blog is darling. First time here and will be back!

    cristin @ simplified bee

  6. love it!! I just tagged you , pretty girl xo

  7. and once again, we have the exact same taste in decor!! i did blue, brown, and bronze, but i have the same partridge in a pear tree theme going with mine. i bought a ton of goldleaf pear ornaments at restoration hardware a few years ago and adore them.

  8. Such beautiful inspiration. I love these colors!


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