November 5, 2009


I am currently loving these vintage posters of french actress and singer Jeanne Bourgeois. A fellow singer coined the name Miss Tinguette for Jeanne which she made her own by combining the two. Mistinguette graced the stage of Casino de Paris in the 1890s as well as other famous venues such as the Moulin Rouge. Mistinguette was one of the highest female paid actresses of her time, her legs were insured for the then astronomical sum of 500,000 francs.

I would love to display these in my living room similar to the images below:

When asked to explain her popularity, Mistinguette replied:

"It is a kind of magnetism. I say 'Come closer' and draw them to me."


  1. Love those posters. I have a book of past Vogue magazine covers and have thought about doing a wall of them for years. Maybe that will be my next project!

  2. I love the idea of grouping them all together, so pretty!

  3. I love all the posters lined up like you've shown.


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