October 11, 2009

Warming Up to Fall

It has taken me a while to get over my "summer's over blues" and accept the fact that it is fall. I feel like my life has been such a whirlwind the past six months the seasons are just passing me by. This weekend I finally changed out my closet and was reminded of some of the reasons (fashion-wise) that I love this season.

1. Outerwear:
Being from New England I am used to far cooler temperatures than here in D.C. I love a good coat, preferably one with a pop of color like this from Old Navy.

Since it's not quite time to break out my heavy duty winter coat, one of my favorite fleeces from Patagonia will do just fine for those cooler mornings walking the dog.
2. Cashmere
My absolute favorite fall sweaters are the Cashmere Crewneck Tees from J.Crew. I have these in several colors and stock up each season. I'm loving the model's outfit below:
3. Tweed
There's something so comforting about thick fall fabrics like tweed and wool. This pink tweed skirt from Vineyard Vines is perfect for breast cancer awareness month this October!

4. Tights
I am a huge tights lover. Part of this stems from the fact that I hate wearing pants. I always prefer to wear a skirt/dress instead of pants. This can be tricky in the colder months so tights are the perfect solution!
5. Cords
If I am going to wear pants, you can most likely find me in my J.Crew cords. I have these in a bunch of different colors as well, and they are definitely among my fall favorites.
6. Shades of Gray
After a spring and summer saturated with color, I sometimes like changing over to the cooler colors of fall and winter. Grey seems to be one of the "in" hues for the fall/winter. I love this dress from Lulus, add a pair of tights, a cardigan, and heels and you've got a great fall work outfit!
7. Jewel Tones
Deep purples seem to be popping up all over. Here's another great item from Lulus; love the flowers!
8. Duck Boots
When the rain/snow comes, I'm happy to have my duck boots. Bf gifted me an adorable pair from Tory Burch last fall, but I'm loving this pair from Sperry as well!
So there are a few of my favorite fall wardrobe items, what are your favorites?


  1. love those duck boots and you and my sis have the same patagonia- I have one that is VERY similar as well :)


  2. That Old Navy coat is adorable! I have two trench length coats from there that are both 5 or 6 years old, and they are still in great shape!

    I say pick it up!

  3. Those duck shoes are to die for!! xoxo


  4. I couldn't have made a better list!! Not a fan of the duck shoes, (sorry Beth!) I want the whole boot-- but I swear by Patagonia, I live in CO in the summer and in May it's still cold and my fleece is perfect!! You will be so cozy and chic! Xo

  5. Oh my, those are all fabulous finds! Love the pink coat from Old Navy!

  6. I have got to switch out my closet this week--it's getting so cold! Love the patagonia fleece, I have a mountain hardware fuzzy fleece and its amazing.

  7. As a fellow NE girl I share your love for a good coat, fleece and cords. J-Crew and Patagonia are my go-tos!!

  8. That pink coat, Old Navy?? Too cute! I love cords, tights, cashmere, oh all of it on your list!

  9. LOVE the VV skirt and Old Navy jacket!

  10. Oooh love those plaid trimmed duck boots!!


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